Sober Living at Chuck's House - Moving Forward In Recovery Toward Independent Living 

At Chuck's House we focus on recovery, being productive, and thriving at life.  We stress both words, Sober and Living.  Sober - we are free from drugs and alcohol and engaged in recovery.  Living - living means so much more than living drug and alcohol free. We prefer to approach life like Jessica Clayton, activist for social reform and recovered addict, who penned the words, "I have a will to live - not just to survive, but to thrive". At Chuck's House we want our clients to thrive in their lives, with their families, and in their careers.
To help accomplish this, we have a proven system in place. The house and our activities are structured for success.  We have some basic rules and requirements in place ( see below ) that are designed to drive self discipline, courtesy toward others, and fellowship.  We do chores twice a week, we are quiet and respectful of our housemates, and we encourage free time that is spent making ourselves better and not spent a couch potatoes.  We understand that this may be a complete change from how clients lived before. We believe that "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek"

The house is a nice 2 story home in a quiet neighborhood, plenty of parking available.
Cost is $875.00 per month.
30 days sober, less than 30 days requires an interview.
Active in recovery, 4 or more 12 step meetings per week.
Meeting requirement is adjusted for clients in IOP.
Clients must find a job, minimum 35 hrs. per week.
Clients start the day at 8am with bed made, seeking employment 9am to 3pm.
Curfew is 11pm until work, recovery, and house requirements are met, then curfew goes to midnight or 1am, overnight passes become available also.
The house is to be clean and neat at all times, we are quiet and respectful of our housemates.
Location is convenient to bus stops, recovery meetings, employment opportunities, and grocery stores.
Drug testing provided at no extra expense.
On-site manager, 7 plus yrs. sober, 6 plus yrs. experience managing Sober Living Homes.
Everything furnished except food and toiletries.

Call for availability, tours, and more information.

More about the house! Chuck's House is a spacious 2 story home in North Austin. The house is located near two nature trails and a park. It is fully furnished with everything clients require.  The relaxing back yard has a covered patio, gas grill, fruit trees and rose bushes, and a small organic garden and is a peaceful setting for meditation, healing the mind and body. 

Monday nights at 9pm is the weekly house meeting.  The group meets to discuss client progress, process struggles or find solutions to any problems, provide constructive feedback, and recognize successes.

The House Manager - Chuck Dunaway, I bringover 6 years of house management experience to the job, successfully helping to prepare men to return to their lives and independent living, sober and thriving at life.  I am engaged in long term recovery and have been clean and sober since October 1st, 2011.

Lee, a former client had this to say, "Chuck I just wanted to reach out and say thank you.  I know you were tough on me / us but without that I probably would not be graduating college next semester"
Lee, along with his mother and others, have built and opened a Sober Living Home in Virginia.
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Basic House Guidelines and Requirements